Motion Picture Soundtrack

Eye Network 2000

1. Meditation Part I
2. Yukari’s Theme
3. Anxiety
4. Stalk
5. Light From Above
6. Fear
7. Wandering
8. Uneasiness
9. Confusion
10. Dark and Silence
11. Prayer
12. Meditation Part II
13. Love Theme
14. Theme Song-Eternity

Composed, conducted andarranged by David Matthews, Violins: Chareles Libove, JohnPintavalle, Barry Finclair, Richard Sortomme, Paul Peabody, Donna Tecco, Robart Chasow, Abe Appleman, Marlin Stoner, Belinda Whitney-Barrat, Joel Pitchon, Jean Ingraham, Nancy McElhany, Ronald Oakland and Ann Leathers, Cellos: Richard Locker, Elinana Mendoza, Mark Shuman and Davis Heiss, Basses: Tim Cobb, RochardSarpola and William Sioat, Oboe: Dian Lesser, Piano: Kenny Ascher, Glocken and Percussion: Jim Saporito, Chorus: Jackie Presti, Christian Sperry, Todd Johnson and Gregory Lamar,

Recorded at The Warehouse, New York