Sean Lennon

Atlantic Records 1984

1. Valotte
2. O.K. For You
3. On The Phone
4. Space
5. Well I Don't Know
6. Too Late For Goodbyes
7. Lonely
8. Say You're Wrong
9. Jesse
10. Let Me Be

Julian Lennon: lead vocals, bass guitar, keyboards, Simmons drum machine & percussion, Guitars: Justin Clayton & Carlton Morales, Keyboards: Barry Beckett, David Lebolt, & Peter Wood, Drums: Roger Hawkins & Steve Holley, Bass guitars: David Hood, Marcus Miller, & Carmine Rojas, Percussion: Ralph MacDonald & Steve Holley, Background vocals sung by: Rory Dodd, Eric Taylor, & Julian Lennon, Trumpets: Jon Faddis & Joe Shepley, Saxophones: Michael Brecker, George Young, Lawrence Feldman, & Ron Cuber, Michael Brecker: Saxophone solo on Lonely, Jean "Toots" Thielemans: Harmonica on Too Late For Goodbyes, Martin Briley: Guitar on Too Late For Goodbyes and Dennis Herring: Guitar on Jesse