Turn This Mutha Out
Idris Muhammad

CTI 1977

1. Could Heaven Ever Be Like This
2. Camby Bolongo
3. Turn This Mutha Out
4. Tasty Cakes
5. Crab Apple
6. Moon Hymn
7. Say What

Bass - Wilbur Bascomb, Guitars - Charlie Brown, Hiram Bullock and Hugh McCracken, Harp - Margaret Ross, Keyboards - Cliff Carter, Percussion - Rubens Bassini, Sue Evans, Saxophone - Dave Tofani, Michael Brecker, Ronnie Cuber and Dave Tofani, Trumpet - Jon Faddis, Randy Brecker, Vocals - Frank Floyd, Kenny Williams, Ray Simpson, Bill Eaton and Zachary Sanders, Flute - Jeremy Steig